Spygate is the biggest scandal to ever rock a presidency in our lifetime. Get the details of who was pulling strings behind the curtain and how they tried to remove our President from office.




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What Is Spygate?

Have you heard about The BIGGEST CORRUPTION IN THE US HISTORY to bring down a US President? Get your deck to learn more about Spygate.

 What is Spygate? Spygate is where people in the most powerful positions within the most powerful agencies were weaponized against Donald Trump.

Did the Obama administration use the Intelligence Community for political purpose, including the CIA, FBI, DNI and other agencies? 

 Top officials in FBI abuse their position and power of the FISA court to dig up information on individuals associated with President Trump.

 As time goes on, more is being exposed about the coup to bring down President Donald Trump in the biggest corrupt spying scandal in the US history.

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  • Preserve the real history of the biggest cover-up this century has ever seen.
  • This deck gives you the details and involvement of players that had a role in the massive plan to stop Donald Trump from getting elected and after elected the coup to destroy his presidency.
  • Each card will feature one of the main players.
  • Use these cards to keep track of each player.

These cards are for 

  • Patriots
  • Concerned citizens
  • Anyone who wants to know and preserve the real history about Spygate, the Russian Hoax and the malicious politicization of our country’s justice system that has been weaponized to bring down the President.

The Deal

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 This deck features 52 high-quality cards.

  • Each card features one of the players in the biggest coup to get our President out of office.
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Why Spygate Playing Cards?

As a retired Navy Intelligence Officer, I’m doing my part to help “red pill” the American public about the coup to bring down the President of the United States.

We need to make sure this NEVER  happens again to any other President, it should not be the Washington bureaucrats that choose the President, it’s up the American People!!!
#MAGA #KAG  #WWG1WGA #Patriots

Do Your Part To Help Us “Red Pill” The Liberals

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